Gilbert Meier, CEO & Founder

Mr. Meier was born in Switzerland and holds a Swiss degree in electrical engineering. He has acquired extensive knowledge of business, international marketing, manufacturing, finance and computer science, and has spent many years marketing and selling high-tech industrial machinery manufactured in Switzerland and Japan. Mr. Meier has run his own corporations, gaining extensive knowledge of manufacturing, has traveled to the industrialized areas of the US, Europe and Asia, researching manufacturing processes, and allied costs. He has spent the last 14 years helping foreign companies in the setup of a manufacturing base in Honduras. Speaking Swiss, German, English, Spanish and some French, Mr. Meier has had the opportunity to do business in all of these languages.

Maria Mercedes Sevilla Gonzales, Legal Councel and Director of Human Recources

Ms. Sevilla has a long history working for the Honduran government in labor law and labor issues. She has worked with all Central American countries and with the International Body of Labor Laws. She has exceptional experiece in labor and business contract executions. She is a fulltime staff member of the CABC Group.

Michael Couture, North American Business Development and Investment Strategies

Mr. Couture has been a successful Business Development professional. He built a sales and distribution operation, which covered 35 US states. He has also been successful in residential real estate brokerage and investing, writing business plans, conducting marketing research and strategic analysis, and a forestry project growing tropical trees in Honduras. His expertise spans the computer systems industries, health care, banking, restaurants, apparel manufacturing, real estate, and non-profit sectors. He has earned a BS in Mathematics, an MBA degree, and a Ph.D. (ABD) in Marketing and Global Business. He has traveled, taught, and conducted business in Honduras, India, Canada, Mexico, Ghana, and the USA.

Delcy Perla, Director of Publishing Services

Miss Perla manages all publishing services and is in charge for all web updates in the Export Mall. She also maintains the used textile machine database.

Colleen Courtney, Assistant to CEO

Miss Courtney is the assistant of Gilbert Meier. She also communicates with our North and South American clients to follow up on all active projects.

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